Bounty Hunters

Help us find Chapel's Most Wanted!

Join us for Bounty Hunters on October 1st!

Drivers and Students will meet here at the Chapel parking lot at 3:30 PM. Teams will leave from Chapel at 4:00 PM and head up to Solomon Pond Mall.

➡️ Click here to register as a student, driver, or a wanted individual.

The game begins at 4:15 PM.

Teams must stick together.

Each team will explore the mall and find Wanted Individuals from Chapel. It might sound easy, but every wanted individual will be dressed up in disguise. When you find an individual, they will give you a bounty. Waned Individuals can be found by more than one team. The first time a individual is found, they will give that team a double bounty! The team with the most bounty wins!

Everyone will meet at the food court at 5:15 PM for dinner and the winner will be announced! Be sure to bring money for dinner.

We will leave the mall at 6:00 PM and head back to Chapel. Be ready to be picked up at the Chapel parking lot at 6:15 PM.