Daniel 4 Sermon Notes and Discussion Questions

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Continuing in our Control in the Midst of Chaos: A Study of the Book of Daniel series, we will consider, "God Humbles the Proud." Daniel Chapter 4 reveals how God humbles prideful hearts. Nebuchadnezzar's experience with God will teach us that we are created and blessed by the Creator.  It is God who grants us our success. Through personal encounters with the True and Living God, God can shape and humble us, and we can find peace in acknowledging the power and sovereignty of God.

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Daniel Chapter 4 Sermon Outline

Key Verse/Scripture Memory – Daniel 4:34 & 37
Core Passage - Daniel 4:1-37
Take Away - God used the life of Daniel to humble King Nebuchadnezzar.

What does Daniel teach us about how God deals with human pride?

God hates pride, so get used to it. Proverbs 16:5, James 4:6 , Daniel 4:1-8

God allows us to experience the consequences of our pride, so buckle-up. Daniel 4:24-27

God loves us and gives us a chance to repent, so do it. Daniel 4:28-31 , 34-37 , Psalm 127:1

How can we apply God’s Word to our lives?

Surrender and confess your pride before things get too painful.

We have been given a chance to reflect on our lives during this pandemic. What specifically does God want you to change in your life?

Daniel Chapter 4 Small Group Discussion Question

Pray – That the message of Daniel would encourage our hearts in this scary time (Covid19) and that we would trust Him in all circumstances.

Briefly review the sermon outline. Have people read aloud a few of the Scriptures covered and explain why they are important and meaningful.


  1. What is something that you take pride in?
  2. In verses 17, 25, and 32, God's purpose for giving the dream is repeated. What was God impressing on Nebuchadnezzar? Why do you think God wanted to reveal this aspect of His character to Nebuchadnezzar rather than something else, such as His grace or His love?
  3. In verses 31-33, what steps did God take to humble Nebuchadnezzar? What steps has God taken to humble you?
  4. What does Nebuchadnezzar's experience teach us? About sin? About God?
  5. Like Nebuchadnezzar, sometimes we struggle to accept a truth that God wants us to accept. Can you think of a time when you struggled to accept a truth from God? What was God teaching you? How did the process of the struggle work to shape you to be more Christ-like? If you are struggling with a truth currently, talk to God about how you are feeling and why this is hard for you and pray for a heart that is obedient to His leading.

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