DNA - Scripture and Gospel

September 20, 2015 Speaker: Derek Duncan Series: Chapel DNA

Topic: Sunday Sermon Passage: 2 Timothy 3:16–3:17

What if...?

What if you truly submitted to the authority of Scripture and lived each moment in the reality of the Gospel?

What if the promises of Scripture shaped your identity and worldview, rather than the roller coaster ride of feelings and circumstances?

What if you committed to let Scripture be your foundational guide in decision-making and setting priorities, rather than trying to figure out things on your own?

What if you listened to the words of Scripture when you are stuck in traffic, rather than always listening to music, sports or talk radio?

What if you needed scripture in the morning more than coffee?

What if you made a concerted effort to memorize Scripture so that God’s word would be ever present in your minds when you interact and converse with others?

What if the clear call of your heart each day was, “Oh God, please let me share the hope of the Gospel with someone today”?

What if you allowed the Gospel to shape the nature of your recreation and free time, rather than the empty promises and activities of the world?

What if you prayed for opportunities to season your conversations with the Gospel for those that are far from God?

What if the Gospel was not just a moment that happened in your life but was the definition of life?

What if you went to bed at night with peace and joy permeating your dreams, rather than feelings of regret and thoughts of missed opportunities?

What if you…what if I….what if we bonded together in this community called Chapel to really allow the authority of Scripture and the message of the Gospel to be our most valuable possession?

What if our church was known for our love and zeal for the truth of God’s Word?

What if people in Massachusetts that have little or no Biblical literacy came to Chapel and were totally transformed by Scripture and equipped to apply it to their lives?

What if we were a church where Scripture is our primary guide to develop ministry strategy, rather than trying to come up with programming on our own?

What if we really believed and courageously proclaimed the truth of Scripture, because we believe the word of God will not return void as it says in Isaiah 55:11?

What if we were a church that trusted the truths of God’s word and loved people so much that those who are hostile to the Gospel or those who have been hurt by the church are irresistibly drawn to Jesus Christ?

What if we were so committed to living and sharing the Gospel that we didn’t waste Kingdom energy on personal preferences or selfish agendas?

What if we were a church that was full of humble, repentant, and committed people that the Holy Spirit could release a revival of life change that would alter the face of New England forever?

What if we were a Romans 1:16 church that was not ashamed of the Gospel because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone?

What if we were a church that never robbed God of one ounce of His Glory because of our sincere and courageous desire to live for the Gospel and follow the truths of Scripture?

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