DNA - Disciple-Making and Servanthood

October 4, 2015 Speaker: Derek Duncan Series: Chapel DNA

Topic: Sunday Sermon Passage: Matthew 28:16–28:20

What if...?

What if we wanted our lives to look like Jesus more than anything else in this world?

What if we prayed fervently for God to put someone in our life that we could intentionally disciple?

What if we had someone intentionally investing in us to make us a more mature disciple?

What if we believed that we could bring glory to God, not by being seen or standing out all the time, but rather by quietly serving in the background with no need for praise or recognition?

What if we looked at our careers as opportunities to serve others for the glory of God rather than an opportunity to get ahead?

What if we knew what our spiritual gifts were and couldn’t rest until we were using them to share the gospel with those around us?

What if we loved each other enough to have tough conversations, not to win an argument, but to serve each other in the disciple-making process?

What if we were willing to serve in an area that wasn’t our first love or passion, because we knew it would benefit others more than ourselves?

What if our friends, neighbors, and co-workers not only came to faith in Christ, but grew as a disciple as we took the time to share the truth of Scripture, pray, and walk with them on the journey of discipleship?

What if fellowship wasn’t just eating, sitting around talking football, or talking about kids, but was a time of learning and discerning to help the spiritual condition of others?

What if we were a church known in the community for how we radically served others with no strings attached?

What if we were a church that didn’t just teach people biblical truth, but walked with people in biblical truth?

What if we were a church that with our money, time, and ministries truly invested in children at risk?

What if we were a church that in 10 years could say we were not only a part of discipling an army of Kingdom workers, but were also the catalyst to plant, multiply, and strengthen at least 10 new and existing churches to reach New England and the world for Christ?

What if every Life Group in 2 years helped start a new Life Group so that we could Connect, Care, and Disciple twice as many people?

What if we were a church that doubled in size, while never lacking in volunteers and financial resources to advance the Gospel?

What if we were a church that saw hundreds of people come to faith in Christ and actually continued to grow into fully devoted followers of Christ?

What if we were a church that saw God send scores of disciples to serve God world-wide for His Glory?

What if that was you? What if that was me? What if that was us? What if that was our church?

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