Introduction to the Book of Daniel

April 26, 2020 Preacher: Derek Duncan Series: Control in the Midst of Chaos: The Book of Daniel

Topic: God's Sovereignty, Sunday Sermon, Video Sermon, Daniel Passage: Daniel 1:1–21

Control in the Midst of Chaos: A Study of the Book of Daniel reveals that during times of crisis and chaos, God is in control. Not only does the Book of Daniel demonstrate how God protects and provides for His children, it also proclaims a message of future hope and redemption. May we all journey through this series growing ever-more confident in who God is and how He loves and protects us.

 In Part One: God Is in Control, we’ll see:

1)  how God is in control of all that happens, and that He alone possesses sovereign power, and 

2)  how Daniel’s actions bring glory to God and encouragement to a people in exile.

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