Watch and Prepare

August 9, 2020 Speaker: Derek Duncan Series: What Do You See? - The Wonder of Truth

Topic: Video Sermon, End Times, Sunday Sermon Passage: Matthew 24:42, Matthew 24:36–24:51

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As we continue in our What Do You See? series, Jesus makes it absolutely clear that no one knows the timing of His coming, and so we all need to watch and prepare for His return (Matthew 24:36-51).  But even in our watching, in our preparing, and in our waiting, Jesus reveals that His good and wise servants can live with hope in the waiting rather than live with fear.

Sermon Series:

This series is designed to give encouragement and hope about the end times and return of Jesus Christ.  In some ways, this series (and prophecy in general) is more about how to live in the present versus when things will happen in the future.  We will be using the words of Jesus in Matthew, Mark, and the book of Revelation as the basis of our study.  Jesus Christ will return someday, so don’t be afraid and live boldly in the present.

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