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Do Not Grow Weary

Blog 2020_11_11

Need a pick-me-up? Pastor Derek looks to Galatians 6:9 for inspiration to combat weariness....

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Don't Be Deflated

BLog 2020.11.04

Struggling with feeling deflated? When life tosses you around, when you feel beat down, what’s inside of you needs to be stronger than the forces knocking you around....

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He is God, and We Are Not

Blog 2020.10.29

Growing weary? Be empowered by reflecting on God's character...

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Serve Humbly In Love

2020.10.21 bLOG

Galatians reminds us of the importance of serving one another....

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Keep Your Prayers Moving

Blog 2020.10.13

Do you struggle to stay on target when you pray? Pastor Derek offers a tip on how to stay better focused when you pray....

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Choosing the Right Bible Reading Method

Blog 2020.10.07

Pastor Derek offers a tip on how to gain the most out of your personal time reading God's Word....

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Compassion Is a Decision

Blog 2020.09.29

Having a heart of compassion isn't always easy, but the Holy Spirit can direct our hearts to love others in this way....

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Don't Lose Heart

2020.09.23 Blog

Sometimes when we are faced with a challenge, we can become so overwhelmed that we don’t even know where we should begin. We fixate on the enormity of the problem, and become stuck, often opting to do nothing because we can’t fix it or change it. However, if we shift our focus from our situation and instead focus on God and the enormity of His love and His Wisdom, it ...

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Growing in Community

2020-09-16 Blog

Pastor Derek casts his vision for Chapel D-groups, community-based groups meant to deepen our walk with Jesus and empower us to equip others to know Jesus and follow Him....

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God Is Truth

2020.09.09 Blog

Truth is revealed to us by God through the vehicle of the Bible. This authoritative and inerrant book tells me who God is, how He created everything, and how to know Him through His son Jesus Christ. God is first, man is second. God is truth, man responds to God’s truth....

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