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2020.09.09 Blog

I have always been a big fan of education. I have pursued higher learning with a passion to stretch my mind and grow as a person. And much of my learning has come from reading books. I am not sure how I fell in love with reading, but the passion and desire have always been a part of me. I remember being frustrated when (I was seven at the time) the local library would only allow me to check out 15 books at one time. I showed my disapproval to the Librarian nuns and got whacked pretty hard. But it had its desired effect because I never talked back to a nun again. Anyway, I would walk a mile lugging a bag full of books to return them, then start the exhilarating process of picking out new books, then walk back home. I miss those days when life was simple, uncomplicated, and made better by reading a good book.

I was re-reading a book today by Robby Gallaty called Rediscovering Discipleship. In it, he quotes a man named Norman Snaith who writes about the differences between Jewish and Greek education systems by saying:

The object and aim of the Hebrew system is Da’ath Elohim (knowledge of God). The object of the Greek system is gnothi seauton (know thyself)…. The Hebrew system starts with God… The Greek system, on the contrary, starts with the knowledge of man, and seeks to rise to an understanding of the ways and nature of God through the knowledge of what is called “man’s higher nature. (Gallaty 32)

That is so interesting. He implies that the foundation of our learning and education should be based upon God as revealed to us through Scripture. No wonder the world is such a confusing and messed up place. We are trying to know God from the foundation of a broken human being. Basically, my reason, rationality, intellect, emotions, and experiences determine my understanding of God. Does that trouble anyone but me? 

I believe truth is revealed to us by God through the vehicle of the Bible. This authoritative and inerrant book tells me who God is, how He created everything, and how to know Him through His son Jesus Christ. God is first, man is second. God is truth, man responds to God’s truth.

Let’s be clear, God is not a byproduct of my being and human inquiry, He is the uncaused cause who has always existed and will continue to be for all eternity. And in these weird and heart-breaking days of the pandemic, I am so thankful that I have a relationship with God who is personal, grounded in history, and revealed through the Bible. I need to believe in something I can count on, something that will never change, and that is God. How about you?

You don’t need to be an avid reader or library nerd like me, you just need to prioritize learning about God as revealed to us in Scripture. It is the best book you will ever read. If you have questions on how to understand the Bible or where to start reading, don’t hesitate to reach out for help.

You can also begin by following our Chapel 260 Reading Plan.  It is a Monday-Friday year-long plan that offers an overview of all 66 books of the Bible.

God Bless and stay safe,


Gallaty, Robby. Rediscovering Discipleship. Zondervan. 2015. 


Snaith, Norman H. The Distinctive Ideas of the Old Testament. New York Schocken Books, 1964.

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