He is God, and We Are Not

Blog 2020.10.29

There is so much about God that I do not understand.  Take weariness for example.  How is it possible that God never gets tired, weary, exhausted, or beaten down both physically and emotionally?  He never needs some extra sleep or any sleep at all.  He never needs a vacation to recharge His batteries.  In fact, He is the source of all the energy that exists and the glue that holds the universe together.  How would you like that and the personal care of 7 billion + people on your job description?  I can’t even keep track of my own family, let alone the whole world.

So why did God want us to know this about Himself?  I think He wanted us to understand that He is God, and we are not.  If we could relate and explain everything about God from a human perspective, He wouldn’t really be worthy of our worship.  Because He is so different and all-powerful, I rest in the knowledge that His endless energy lives inside me.  Not all of it of course, but a little glimpse of His power in my life is all that I need to make it through the weariness of the world. 

My job is to surrender and depend upon Him, rather than trying to be strong and courageous on my own.  It is His unlimited resources that sustain my life.  It is His all-knowing Spirit that helps me when I am afraid, tired, or confused.  It is His mighty power that helps me overcome and experience peace even in the midst of difficult circumstances.  And it is His righteousness given to us through His son Jesus that makes forgiveness and eternal life a reality.  Knowing these things makes me so thankful.  And thankfulness always dulls the crippling edge of weariness.

I hope you are staying strong in depending upon God.  I hope you are not trying to live life in your own strength.  And I hope you are learning and growing closer to God each and every day.

Be safe and remember the fact that God will never grow weary.

God Bless,