If We Have Jesus, We Really Don't Need Anything Else

Blog 2020.12.09

What is it about the Christmas season that so fills my heart with joy?  Ever since I was a young boy the Christmas season was always my favorite time of year.  Some of my early memories revolve around driving to Kansas City from Chicago to visit both sets of my grandparents (and even one set of great grandparents).  Because of the travel schedule, we would always open presents on Christmas Eve.  My dad would load us three kids up in the Country Squire station wagon with lots of snacks and then drive around town to look at Christmas lights. 

While we were having fun and killing time my mom was home preparing all of the presents from “Santa.”  When she was done putting everything together, she would turn on the front porch light indicating that Santa had made his visit and it was safe to come home.  You can probably imagine the joyful screaming that took place when we burst through the front door to see the fun presents.  

One Christmas I received a Kodak 110 Instamatic Camera as a present.  This was back in the day when you would take pictures, drop your film off at a drugstore, and then wait to get your precious photos back in a week.  I still remember my dad’s face when I got my first three rolls developed and they were all pictures of my hands, legs, the interior of the car, and pictures of snow.  There was not a whole human being, tree, or Christmas light to be found in the lot.  He started to get angry but sensed that I was getting upset.  He then knelt down and told me that these were the best pictures he had ever seen.  I was so proud.

Again, why is this time so special and full of hope and joy? For me, it is all about family, friends, music, and the lasting hope that God really does love me.  He sent His son Jesus into the world to save me from my sin and brokenness that destroys so many things in life. This gracious act set the stage for our salvation and eternal life through Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection.

But to be fair, not all of my Christmas memories are happy.  I remember going to bed one time wondering if my parents were going to stay married and if it was my fault.  I remember taking my new Daisy BB gun and accidentally shooting the front living room window out.  I have also lived long enough now that Christmas is touched with a little sorrow caused by all of the loved ones who are no longer present in this temporal world.  But in saying all of this, the birth and life of this little baby always stirs my heart back to hope and peace.  Because of what He has done for mankind, His birth will always be full of lasting joy.

So, are you finding hope and joy in Jesus this Christmas?  As you reminisce on some of your memories, do you find your heart filled with overwhelming love and peace regardless of your past or present circumstances? 

I hope so because if we have Jesus, we really don’t need anything else.

Please come see us this season.  We have a sing-along event this Sunday and two special services on Christmas Eve.  If you are not able to be here, I completely understand.  That is why we are Zooming/ live streaming these events for you to enjoy remotely.

Be safe and embrace the love of Jesus this season.  Merry Christmas.