Our Future in Christ

Blog 2021.03.17

How often in the past year during this pandemic have you heard someone wonder, or even wondered yourself, if we are facing the End Times. After all,  a lot has happened in this past year that sounds familiar to what we can read in Bible prophecy.

However, the truth is the question of when Christ will return and if we are facing the end of times has been around a long time.  Revisited generation after generation, people have pointed to what is going on in the world as a sign of what is to come.  Even the disciples wondered that and shared their worries with Him in Mark Chapter 16.

As we reflect on our future in Christ, we might be tempted to be governed by fear, rather than hope.  Consider this encouragement from A. W. Tozar, “The purpose of Bible prophecy is not to alarm us but rather to alert us to the times so that we can prepare for the return of Jesus… these things are written to alert us to the season of the Blessed Hope... Everything about our daily life must be infused with an insatiable passion for His soon return."

"When He returns is not as important as

the fact that we are ready 

for Him when He does return.”

– A. W. Tozar, Preparing for Jesus' Return: Daily Live the Blessed Hope

Weekly Devotional:

Read Mark 13:1-37.  

Although we do not know the date and time of Jesus’ return, Jesus presented it as a guaranteed fact: it will happen. He provided specific instructions on how to be prepared for His return. Read Mark 13:32-37. What instructions did Jesus give? What were His reasons for being prepared?

Jesus remained vague on the timing of his return. How do you think the disciples would have responded if He shared that He wouldn't return for more than 2,000 years?

Let’s make this practical. What one specific thing could you do today to live as if you were ready for Christ’s return? What different choices would you make in the use of your time and energy if you knew for certain that Christ was returning tomorrow?