Pastor's Devotionals

During our time of building closure, we invite you to "visit" with Pastor Derek each week as he offers a time of reflection and video devotional to help encourage us. The video will premiere each Wednesday at noon on Chapel's Facebook page and YouTube Channel but can be viewed at any time. 

Pastor's Update: Methods May Change. Mission Does Not.

Pastor's Devotional Archive

You can view the previous pastor's devotionals at the following links, or read the text format on the pastoral blog.

06 May 2020 "The Why Is More Important Than the How" Video Devotional | Pastor's Blog 

29 Apr 2020 "God, What Do You Want Me to Do Today?" Video DevotionalPastor's Blog 

22 Apr 2020 "Filtered Through the Love of God" Video Devotional | Pastor's Blog 

15 Apr 2020 "Rain Brings Hope" Video Devotional | Pastor's Blog

08 Apr 2020 "God's Love Bridges the Gap of Social Distancing" Video

01 Apr 2020 "Create Normalcy and Control, Give Peace and Hope" Video  

25 Mar 2020 "A Life Jacket for the Soul" Video

18 Mar 2020 "Be Called to Peace" Video