Weekly Engagement Update

Create Normalcy and Control, Give Peace and Hope
From Pastor Derek


When all of the changes started a few weeks ago with the virus pandemic, I was amazed at how people started shopping and hoarding food, pasta, meat, and most of all cleansers and toilet paper. I didn’t fully understand the panic to stock up on things until I listened to a psychologist on the radio. She said (I am sorry that I didn’t catch her name) that people binge shop in times of crisis to feel a sense of control. This situation has created such a feeling of anxiety and loss of control/normalcy that hoarding gives the illusion that you are doing something to gain back control of your environment that appears to have no end in sight.

This observation got me to thinking...

What am I doing to create
a sense of normalcy and control
in such an unpredictable and ever-changing environment?

What am I doing to give
a sense of peace and hope
that things will eventually be ok?

I’ve noticed that being at home more has caused me to neglect some healthy routines that keep me from eating too much, watching too much TV, and binge-watching Netflix shows that I normally would not even be interested in. I don’t even have my usual “feel good” habit of watching sports, so I get bored and eat even more. After struggling with this situation, I made some changes a few weeks ago. Here is what is helping me when things seem so out of control.

  1. I read the Bible more and watch less TV less. Even watching the news can add stress, so I try to limit my screen time. What’s the point anyway if you can’t watch baseball and golf :)?  May I suggest reading the Gospel of John, and then Matthew, Mark, and Luke to connect with the life of Jesus during this Easter season.
  2. I try to get outside and walk every few hours. I am not very disciplined in exercise anyway, and this at least keeps me mobile and somewhat active.
  3. I try to talk with people electronically as much as I can. It is not the same as seeing people in person, but it helps to fulfill the relational desire that God has created in us. This virus has made loneliness and isolation worse, and we must fight to overcome these feelings.
  4. I have been reaching out to people and old friends that I have neglected to stay in touch with. I have more time to call and email, so why not use it to reconnect and encourage people from my past?
  5. Finally, I try to take one day at a time. I like dreaming about the future, setting goals, and making plans. But right now the future is uncertain, and it is hard to plan. So I try to live like the Israelites that received Manna and quail to eat for just one day at a time. If they panicked and stored up for the future, everything rotted and became inedible. The daily provision of God’s grace and love should be enough for that day. Why waste time and energy worrying about tomorrow?

Hopefully, these ideas can help encourage you during this season. Please continue to stay connected with us through chapelcares.com/online. And know that we are praying for you often.

God bless,

Pastor Derek

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Sunday's Service Information
This Sunday, April 5 is Palm Sunday!  We hope you join us for our Online Worship Service which will include receiving communion, so have your bread and juice handy. The service will premiere at 9:30 am but can be watched at any time following it.  In case you haven't seen it yet, you can watch last Sunday's service Jesus Is... The Absolute Authority (Part Two).

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Update on Giving

During this time of uncertainty in the world, we wanted to thank you for your generosity to the church.  We were deeply encouraged by last week's giving and are touched by your faithfulness! As you are able, we ask you to please stay faithful and generous in giving. Though our facility may be closed, our ministries, operations, and outreach partners remain active.
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4:30 PM - Ignite Livestream for High School and Middle School (YouTube)
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4:30 PM - Ignite Livestream for High School and Middle School (YouTube)

4:30 PM - Ignite Livestream for High School and Middle School (YouTube)
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Read our most recent Chapel COVID-19 Update from Wednesday, March 18th.

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