Weekly Update

rain brings hope

I hope that everyone had a great Easter. Although it was a very different experience for us, I found peace and comfort in the fact that we are all in this together. And the resurrection of Jesus is true and fully grounded in history, no matter our current circumstances.

It is currently raining as I write this update. I have to admit that I am a big fan of the rain. It started for me when I lived in the Seattle area over 20 years ago. Now I bet I know what you are thinking. Isn’t the constant rain in Seattle partially the cause of so many people be depressed in the area? Why would anyone want to live in a place that basically rains 10 months of the year?

Well, rather than being depressed, the rain for me was strangely comforting and therapeutic. It made everything so green all the time, and the colors of the flowers (like tulips) were so brilliant, it was breath-taking. Plus, there are few experiences that are better than sitting inside drinking coffee, reading a book, and watching the rain fall outside.

So where am I headed with all this?  It got me wondering what the Bible says about rain.  In the Old Testament God often withheld the rain to show people that they were living sinful and rebellious lives (2 Chronicles 6:26-27).  He also made rain to be a blessing and provision for all people who desperately needed the water to survive in an agrarian society (Psalm 147:7-11). And Jesus himself once said in a passage about loving your enemies that we, “should pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven.  "He causes the sun to rise on the evil and the good and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous” (Matthew 5:43-45). Basically, when I see and experience rain, I am grateful for God’s love and provision. I am also aware that rain is a good opportunity to reflect upon the state of my often-deceitful heart. And God loves all people and brings the rain for the righteous and unrighteous, so I need to pray more often for my enemies.

Thus the rain brings hope, a sense of healthy reflection about my spiritual life, and a challenge to remember God loves everyone, even those that do not follow Jesus. So let’s think about these things the next time it rains.

I hope you and your family are well, and I look forward to being together soon.

God Bless,

Pastor Derek

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This Week's Online Sunday Service 

We hope you join us for our Online Worship Service which will include receiving communion, so have your bread and juice ready if you would like to participate.  Josh King, Director of Student Ministries, will give the final message in our "Jesus Is.." series. The service will premiere at 9:30 am but can be watched at any time following it. 

In case you haven't seen it yet, you can watch Easter Sunday's service Jesus Is... the Key to Everything.

Even though we will not be meeting together face-to-face, we encourage you to continue to give your tithes and offerings either by mailing it to the church or through our online giving portal.  Checks can be mailed to Chapel of the Cross, 160 Flanders Road, Westborough, MA 01581.

What's Been Going on at Chapel?

Even though the church facility is closed during this time, we are so thankful that God has been helping us to find creative ways to stay connected.  We thought you might be encouraged by some of our recent ministry endeavors.
  • Good Friday Service. Our Zoom Good Friday Gathering was widely attended, and we received many emails sharing the service met a need to connect with others.  We had 100 connections to the group, with over 160 people participating! We enjoyed an intimate period of song, Scripture readings, short teachings, and communion.
  • Chapel Kids. Tanya Legro, Director of Chapel Kids, and her ministry team delivered over 100 Resurrection Eggs to children at their homes (while practicing social distancing).  Many children were delighted to see their leaders!
  • Chapel Students. Josh King, Director of Chapel Students, and his ministry have been doing birthday parades for students in 6th-12th grade.
  • Adult Ministries. Both the Men's and Women's Online Bible Studies are meeting weekly.
  • Worship and Arts. Jillian Morin, Director of Worship and Arts, and her team connected through the collaboration of My Lighthouse for our Easter Sunday Service.


Help Families in Westborough

We know this season of sheltering-in-home is difficult for many in our community as some are challenged by not being able to work and financially provide for their families. If you would like to help, Cheryl Collins, Chapel member, is collecting gift cards to Stop 'N' Shop for families. Stop 'N' Shop is the preferred store as it is within walking distance for some of the families being assisted. If you would like to either send a monetary gift or a gift card for these families, contact Jennifer White, Office Administrator for where you can mail your donation.

Also, if you are in a situation where you need help, we urge you to reach out to us at Chapel so that we can be praying for you and do our best to connect you with resources that might assist you. Contact Jennifer White, Office Administrator.

Chapel Online Schedule of Events 

Visit Chapel's YouTube Channel for events that use that platform.

4:30 PM - Ignite Devotional for High School and Middle School (YouTube)

9:30 AM - Online Church Service Experience (YouTube)
4:30 PM - Refuel Online (Zoom contact Josh King for access)

4:30 PM - Ignite Devotional for High School and Middle School (YouTube)

4:30 PM - Ignite Devotional for High School and Middle School (YouTube)
7:00 PM - Men's Remote Bible Study (Zoom, Contact JP Delaney for access)

12:00 pm - Pastoral Update (YouTube)
3:00 PM - Kids Grow (Zoom, contact Tanya Legro for access)
4:30 PM - Ignite Devotional for High School and Middle School (YouTube)
6:30 PM - Ignite Middle School and High School (Zoom contact Josh King for access)
6:30 PM - Women's Remote Study  (Contact Kylie Gibbons for access)

4:30 PM - Ignite Devotional for High School and Middle School (YouTube)

4:30 PM - Ignite Devotional for High School and Middle School (YouTube)