Awana: Kids' Discipleship


Awana programs start soon!

Sunday afternoon is our drop-off program for children who are three years old on or by September 1st through and including children entering 6th grade.



awana_squareAwana Clubs

TIME: Sundays, 2:30 pm to 4 pm
WHEN: September 10th to May 19th
SERVES: Children from 3 years old on or by September 1st through entering 6th grade

What Is Awana?

Awana is our kids' discipleship program designed to help your child learn the importance of salvation and move them forward toward spiritual maturity in their relationship with Christ. 

We believe that the sweet spot of discipleship happens at the intersection of highly relational and highly scriptural elements. Awana calls this The Great Connection. This disciple-making approach is at the core of every Awana program. The focus is weekly memorization of biblical verses through play and other fun activities.

Uniforms and awards fulfill several purposes for both leaders and kids. Uniforms help to foster a sense of belonging, and awards give kids a sense of accomplishment. Both encourage kids to be a part of our community and inspire them in their Scripture learning.

Contact Jenny for more information.