Challenge #11 - Confess Your Sins

Challenge #11 - Confess Your Sins

Feeling defeated? Confess your sins. 

In our walk with God, it is common to feel like giving up. It seems like we have made too many mistakes. We keep struggling with the same issues. Our character flaws keep surfacing. Instead of being honest about our faults, fear and pride sneak in. We are afraid of not being fully accepted, so we hide our mistakes. We rely only on our own willpower, and we pretend that we can handle everything on our own. Instead of opening up to others, we hide our sins. This isolation gives sin power over us.

But there is hope. When we confess our sins to each other, this breaks the power of sin and shame.

When we believe in Jesus, our sins are forgiven. Believing in his sacrifice on the cross enables us to be forgiven by God. Jesus alone is the way to forgiveness, but he places us in community for a reason. When we confess our sins to another person, something powerful happens. We are healed.

Confession is a way the Holy Spirit transforms us. When we are honest with another friend, we are no longer afraid, ashamed, or isolated. Leaning on community like this erases pride and self-reliance. This is one of the most difficult challenges we have covered so far, but it is also one of the most impactful. 

We challenge you to find a few trusted Christian friends with whom you can be completely honest. In this type of relationship, you can experience true confession. With God’s help, this will result in healing and transformation.

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