Keep Your Prayers Moving

Blog 2020.10.13

I have a “movement” oriented brain.  I know this sounds like a strange topic to talk about- but stay with me for a moment.  By “movement” I mean that I think and concentrate better when I am moving rather than sitting still.  I discovered this concept when I was trying to learn how to pray.  I was in college, and I was asked to sign-up for a 24-hour prayer chain.  Of course, being the spiritual giant that I was, I took the 3 AM prayer slot.  You know, the time slot that is brutal to fill because it’s too late to stay up for and too early to get up for?  I remember most of my scheduled prayers starting off ok, but I would soon fall asleep, and finally wake up after my time was over and say a quick amen.  It was brutal.  However, if I made myself get up and walk around during my prayer time, I stayed awake, and I was able to pray more effectively.

I’m not bringing this up to say that you now have to pray at 3 AM.  I’m just saying I found a method of improving my prayer life by moving and walking around.  I still use it 35 years later.  In fact, I stand up and walk when I am thinking through a big problem, when I am trying to work out a difficult sermon issue, and sometimes even in meetings.  I know it might look strange in certain settings, but I don’t care.  What’s better?  Drifting and zoning out when something important is going on, or looking a little goofy and improving my concentration and focus?

So, the Bible wants us to have continual conversations with God (prayer).  This is hard to do sometimes, especially in these days of the pandemic when we are all a little more stressed out and tired.  Maybe you should try walking when you pray like I do.  God didn’t make a mistake the way He made you.  He won’t mind.  Besides, I actually think having a “movement” brain is a sign of intelligence and spiritual maturity Ok, ok, maybe not but it works for me.  If you try it let me know how it works for you.

“Pray without ceasing (and moving).”

Take care and be safe.