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Faith Demands a Response

Blog 2021.04.28

Following Jesus's example as he interacted with the woman at the well (John 4:1-26) will lead us to share the Gospel message with gentility, kindness, and respect....

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How Big is Your God?

Blog 2021.04.21 2

What precious area of your own life do you need to place in a pitch-coated basket along the banks of the Nile? Is there an area, a person, a thing that you need to admit that you cannot control, and so surrender your limited control and place solidly in the control of God’s Capable and Mighty hands? Figuratively speaking, can you trust Him with whatever your "baby" is. j...

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Does God Change?

Blog 2021.04.14

Did God change between the Old Testament and the New Testament? If we accept that God does not change as His Word proclaims, how can we reconcile His Wrath with His love? It’s so important for us to approach the Old and New Testament, not as two separate books of the Bible but as one continuous story – and it’s a love story....

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Prayer: Get Plugged into the Power

Blog 2021.04.07

Because when we get serious about praying ...

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King of Kings

Blog 2021.03.31

In His first coming, Jesus came in humility, a sacrificial lamb to the slaughter. In his second coming, it will be in splendor, glory, and power. In His first coming, He was crowned with thorns. In His second coming, He will be crowned with many crowns. In his first coming, many rejected Him. In His second coming, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesu...

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The Throne of Your Heart

blog 2021.03.24

John 13:27 says that Satan “entered in” to Judas. So does that mean he was an innocent victim? Was he just a pawn used to start the chain of events that led to the crucifixion? After all, Jesus knew Judas was going to betray him, so can Judas be held responsible for the betrayal? Those are some valid questions to mull over....

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Our Future in Christ

Blog 2021.03.17

How often in the past year during this pandemic have you heard someone wonder, or even wondered yourself, if we are facing the End Times. After all, a lot has happened in this past year that sounds familiar to what we can read in Bible prophecy....

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Unanswered Prayer

Blog 2021.003.10

How can we come to understand how Mark 11:24 fits with unanswered prayer?...

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He Walks Along the Road to Jerusalem

Blog 2021.03.03

Mark Chapter 10 reveals the strange way in which people qualify for entrance into God's kingdom....

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Take Up Your Cross

Blog 2021.02.24

we make the mistake when we try and apply that desire to not suffer to our spiritual lives. Remember that Jesus has invites us to a radically different way of living. The way of the cross is to turn from personal gain and self-love and instead urges us to live fully for Jesus- even when it is painful or costs us something like comfort or security. ...

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