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Which Hat Are You Wearing?

2020.09.03 Blog

Listen to Kylie Gibbons' heart for Women's Ministry and how it related to how God designed us all....

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A Heart for People

2020.08.25 Blog Website

This week Jennifer White, Office Administrator, shares how God changed her heart from program-centered ministry to people-centered ministry. By focusing on the example of Jesus Christ, we see the importance of relational ministry....

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A Purpose for All Things

2020-08-19 Blog

Have you ever wondered if God really had a purpose for everything? Even things that seem annoying, bad, or frustrating. Pastor Derek addresses God's Purpose....

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1 in Christ

BLOG WEB 2020.08.11 Copy

Pastor Derek challenges us to consider the source of where we get our information and hold the Bible as the most important source of all....

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How's Your Spiritual Eyesight?

2020.08.04 Blog Website

How's Your Spiritual Eyesight? Pastor Derek begins by sharing his woes upon forgetting to bring his glasses to work which leads him to reflect on the One who brings everything in to focus!...

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Kicking Up a Fuss

Website BLOG 2020.07.30

Pastor Derek shares the heart behind Philippians 2:14, the effect complaining has on your witness, and how we can support each other to have a positive spirit....

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Absolute Truth

2020.07.22 Blog Website

Pastor Derek details that the ultimate truth is Jesus Christ....

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God's Divine Spark

Blog 2020-07-15

If we believe in the Bible, God the Father through the creative agent of His Son Jesus Christ created all that we know and see. God, this creative force or being, who has always existed, created (and don’t miss this) all things out of nothing! ...

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One Step at a Time

2020_07.08 Blog

Pastor Derek shares our source for endurance during challenging times....

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Where Does Hope and Peace Come From?

Blog 2020.07.05

Pastor Derek shares insight on how we can respond to anxiety in order to experience peace and hope....

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